Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Standing up for logic and reason

Missouri tries to pass a 'Right to Pray' act that sneaks in a part about kids being able to refuse to be taught about evolution and science.  Death threats to the woman reporter who wrote the expose.

Teaching people not to smoke:

A simple explanation of how 'Obamacare' works.

Birth control pills work.

Protecting our bees.


Steve Bates said...

Whatever works to make them stop. I am lucky; my parents succeeded in persuading me at a very young age not to smoke, and I never started. OTOH, I experienced the agony of watching my father die of lung cancer. It was a horrific sight. My mother probably would have died similarly, had she not died sooner from Alzheimer's.

All of us have things available to us that can do us harm, but few are as relentlessly destructive... and pointless... as smoking.

ellroon said...

Luckily my parents experimented very early on and did not enjoy it. My father-in-law did and died rather young of a heart attack. No one I know now smokes, thank god. I haven't had an ashtray out in decades....