Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boiling in a vat of stupid

SCOTUS: Total Betrayal of Democracy

Kansas Board of Health Revokes License of Doctor for Not Forcing Ten-Year-Olds to Give Birth

Shocking Interglacial Shift to Hot Arctic Tied to Rapid Antarctic Ice Melt


Saudi Arabia beheads woman for 'sorcery'

 What privatizing prisons brings us... money over people. Man Dies After Prison Tries To ‘Cut Costs’ By Denying Him Care

 The Big Ag companies, poisoning workers in the fields so they can bring us poisoned food. Poisoning Workers at the Bottom of the Food Chain


 The United States of America... not the greatest country in the world anymore.


Bisphenol A exposure linked to brain tumor diagnosis.

What war does to soldiers.


Steve Bates said...

Didn't I get a mailer from CREDO or some similar petition place regarding a petition against Progresso for using BPA in its can liners?

ellroon said...

Probably. BPA protests have been going on for a while, especially by young mothers who realize a lot of baby toys and sippy cups were made out of the stuff...