Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Sorta like this kitty:


Making the rounds on Facebook: Charlie Chaplin's final speech in the 'The Great Dictator':


 Banks actually just a bit concerned about Occupy Wall Street protesters. As they should be. Also, the squidding of Goldman Sachs.

 I KNEW my fascination with bees had something to do with brains.

 Cool new idea to sterilize hospital rooms.

 Monsanto's genetic food being rushed to market: Under Industry Pressure, USDA Works to Speed Approval of Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Crops.  And childhood obesity be damned, food giants fight proposed nutrition guidelines.

 Looks like Beijing is copying the pea-soup fogs of Jack the Ripper's era: Beijing air goes from 'hazardous' to off the charts, literally

 The Republicans' radical embrace of nullification.

 The trial of Bradley Manning.

 Keeping an eye on the radiation levels in Japan.

 Incoming water wars.

 How doctors choose to die when they know the options available.

 All this might not matter. The melting of the permafrost in the Arctic is releasing huge quantities of methane:


Steve Bates said...

About a decade ago, Houston had a few "Beijing pollution" days, on which the reported pollution levels went from red (not typical but not uncommon) to maroon to black, which means "off scale." Believe me... healthy people get sick, and sick people get a lot sicker, when it's that bad. Houston has succeeded in cleaning up the air to some extent. But as you say, when the methane hits the atmosphere, it won't be long before Houston is history anyway.

Steve Bates said...

BTW, thanks for the Truthout Manning link. I added it to my growing Manning list post, which floats to the top of the blog every night until the hearing is over (or I get too tired to maintain it).

[CAPTCHA: "quitioly" ... weak variant of "oligarchy," maybe?]

ellroon said...

Quitioly... The group of people thinking about leaving the United States after Obama signs the indefinite detention defense bill.....

Steve Bates said...

The thought has crossed my mind. But is there really any place to go?

[CAPTCHA: "misperev" ... I think I knew her once, but she wasn't interested in me. :-( ]

ellroon said...

No.. I don't think anyone would want us anyway. But it's nice to dream....

Miss Perev was NOT a good person btw...