Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hobbit

I have to wait another YEAR??


Steve Bates said...

I look forward to it, but I must admit I grew tired of the interminable battle scenes in the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies. Maybe I'm just not approaching it with the right spirit.

Steve Bates said...

BTW, I believe I do have creds as a fan: in my youth, I read the Hobbit-plus-Trilogy a total of four times through.

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ellroon said...

I was surrounded by family members who read all the books several times and found it irritating. Tried to read the Hobbit and ran to the end to save Bilbo's stuff from being commandeered by his relatives. I was too young.

I read the Trilogy and the Hobbit recently, and enjoyed them all. It just took several decades to get to them.... ;)

ellroon said...

To clarify... I found my family irritating BECAUSE they loved the books so..

Steve Bates said...

I understood that, ellroon. I believe my father read them and enjoyed them, but my mother may have been slipping into the earliest unrecognized stages of her dementia around then, and... please note this, it may be an early sign... wasn't much interested in reading anything by then.

A Merry Christmas (or your choice of solstice holiday) to you, ellroon!