Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Houses out of Legos

Make this the next wave!  Article is from 2009, but wouldn't it be delightful?
May has set what he thinks should be a new world record: becoming the first man to live in a fully functioning house made of Lego.
"There are all sorts of things embodied in the Lego brick – geometry and mathematics and truth and proportion and shape and colour," says May. 
"It's very deep. Everybody should have a box and play with it occasionally. It's a form of brain training as well. I can't see how it can be bad for you. Unless you tread on it."
Update: News of the world in Legos.


Steve Bates said...

What I don't understand is how Denbie's could fail to realize in the first place that the house would be in the way of their grape harvest. That is truly tragic... and arguably truly stupid. Or truly hostile, depending on whether they enjoyed having May as a tenant.

I still thank Dog every day that I do not have a Lego harpsichord. (Google it! There really is/was one!)

ellroon said...

I still think I've bought enough Legos for my kids over the years to build SOMETHING.....