Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From Florida to Arizona




Steve Bates said...

Yesterday afternoon it thundered for an hour. Ultimately, not one drop of rain fell. And thus it has been for weeks on end.

[CAPTCHA text: "press" ... freedom of which means the right to be subjected to endless Casey Anthony stories even after the verdict.]

ellroon said...

Roiling clouds and no rain? Need to get those 50s rainmaker planes up in the sky and seed the clouds with whatever chemical it was to make them release water...

I vaguely recall it never worked.

And I have worked diligently to avoid all Anthony stories. You realize how hard that was to really NOT know the details? Facts and opinions just scraped off on me as I moved through the grocery check out or read down a thread on a blog or skimmed through the news... Totally a media diversion. The real news is just too complicated.