Monday, July 18, 2011

Al Gore saves the world

On September 14, Reality needs you.

Every day, millions of dollars are spent trying to convince you that climate change isn't real. Or that humans don't cause it. Or that the biggest polluters are trying to solve the problem.

But climate change is a reality. And big polluters -- drawing from the playbook used by the big tobacco companies years ago -- are trying to fool citizens and consumers around the globe by denying proven science. So how can we get the world to embrace reality? How can we share the truth about the climate crisis?

Meet The Climate Reality Project. On September 14, in a 24-hour event spanning the globe, we're introducing a brand-new organization with one clear goal: to bring the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream by engaging everyone -- especially leaders like you -- in a conversation about how to solve it.

But enough talk for now. Former Vice President Al Gore helped create this video to explain where we are going. Watch it:


mahakal said...

The problem with science is that you can't always predict what it will discover next...

ellroon said...

Agreed, mahakal. The facts that show us we are warming: hotter seas, melting ice caps, destruction of the permafrost are offset by the levels of pollution and release of chemicals that could actually be cooling the earth.

Even if we go into a cooling period of 30 years, there are facts that show us we are destroying the environment and climate by our uninhibited and thoughtless activities. Why would we not take steps?

Also... the article by Dennis Avery is supported by the Hudson Institute. You've got the Rand Corporation and companies like Monsanto involved. Which explains why Avery would like to blame the sun on everything and not human action. Corporations should not be regulated....