Friday, February 11, 2011

Obama about Mubarak stepping down

Or being tossed out on his head:


Anonymous said...

Let's see now: Mubarak, 30 years in power, 80+ years old and in failing health. Surrounded by pussilanious kiss-ants who want their turn at the pig trough. So how do you reward the kiss-ants who you are depending on to escape with the family jewels?

I think I know. Don't blind yourself: there is less here than you think.


ellroon said...

Yes, he had amassed 70bn in wealth that should have been going to the people, he had ruled with an iron fist and was hated. It was obviously time for him to go. Others of his ilk stand ready to take over. All that is true but what cannot be taken away is the Egyptian people's sudden sense of power. No government can stand if everyone in the country says get out.