Wednesday, February 02, 2011

From soup to nuts....

A Guide: How Not To Say Stupid Stuff About Egypt

Egypt: The viral vlog of Asmaa Mahfouz that helped spark an uprising

Roger Ebert takes on Glenn Beck: Does Glenn Beck know less than you about Egypt?

Digby on Egypt and the wingnuts: Doubling Down on the Super Crazy

Tom Tomorrow and the teabaggers

Republicans and rape: H.R. 3 hides even bigger dangers than redefinition of rape

Mapping and analysis of new data documents still-segregated America

Anti-Choice Groups Unite To Increase Abortion Rate

Californian Republicans to Governor Brown: Nyah nyah nyah nyah.


Steve Bates said...

Thanks for the H.R. 3 link. There is no shred of honesty... not one... left in any Republan* in Congress. Their work product needs to be flushed straight down the toilet. But anything Congress passes, including this abominable bill, will probably be signed by Mr. Can't-We-All-Get-Along, Dog damn him.

* An 'ic' for an 'ic'. If they'll start putting the 'ic' back in "Democratic Party" I'll put it back in "Republ[]an Party" ... but not sooner.

ellroon said...

Appreciate your icky behavior, Steve.

We need to watch these bozos, but just imagine what would be going on if they had taken the Senate as well?

Steve Bates said...

ellroon, people seem to have forgotten utterly that these bastids are experts at stealing elections... is it just an assumption that we took a "shellacking" or was it proved? Whether or not they did it in 2010, they'll certainly attempt it in 2012. We need to ask for international monitors for our elections...

Just as I started reading your post for the second time, my CD of Gerry Mulligan with the Dave Brubeck Trio in Berlin, 1972 began the song "Woman Unfinished" ... how appropriate for you: "Just you wait a minute, buster; I'm not finished with you..."

ellroon said...

Yes, we need oversight on our elections.

Off to google lyrics..