Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our national discourse

One of the conservative guests then says that Paul Krugman might be right in that everyone wants cuts for everyone else but not themselves, and that to move forward, we all have to be prepared to make sacrifices. Hannity was having none of it.

"I've sacrificed enough. With all due respect, when they tell me they're going to means-test my social security and they want to, basically, they're going to legalise stealing people's social security. "Oh you've been successful. You've paid in your whole life, Hannity. You know what? Too bad. We're going to take your money." I'm telling you, I resent that. It sounds selfish, right?"

Suffice to say, even his conservative guests were blushing a little for the multimillionaire talkshow host at this point, but he stuck to his guns.

"I paid my whole life. I want my money back!"

And with that, Hannity managed to prove unequivocally the very point he was disputing. It would have made Glenn Beck proud.

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