Friday, August 13, 2010

They know they're lying when they print this

So what 'news' organization would do this? (My bold at the end.)
Calif. Chamber: Pot Law Would Allow Smoking at Work

Supporters and opponents of a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in California are dueling over the law's possible effects on employers and the workplace.

The California Chamber of Commerce claims in a legal analysis released Thursday that Proposition 19 would lead to more workplace accidents by forcing employers to let workers smoke pot on the job.

The analysis also contends the law would make California companies ineligible for federal contracts because employers could not guarantee a drug-free workplace.

The proposition's supporters dispute the chamber's findings. They point to the determination of the state Legislative Analyst's Office that employers would retain their right to enforce existing workplace pot rules under the new law.
So they have a logical answer to their hyped up headline WITHIN their own article.... but they go with the scary lead in.

As is pointed out, employers can enforce existing laws... like not smoking on the premises. How about zero tolerance for baked drivers or stoned workers? Do this at home, not at work?

Just think how many Mexican drug lords would be angry at us if we legalized pot.....


Anonymous said...

just like we can drink at work.

we can drink at work, right?

/hides mickey of gin

ellroon said...

Of courrrrrrse we kin drin'awork...

Steve Bates said...

Calif. Chamber Pot Law? You're requiring public buildings to have restrooms now?

ellroon said...

Chamber pot not toilets! We're going back to the ceramic dish under the bed!