Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good grief.

The stupidity is flying so fast around the blogosphere, I feel like hunkering down in my bunker.

Did the Era of Bush start this celebration of the Era of Stupid? Does high fructose corn syrup clog our arteries AND slow our brain activity? Did the melamine in our genetically altered food make Americans cease to think?

If the Teabaggery Party is the newest 'revolution', being stupid must be the first tenet on its party platform: Keep your hands off my Medicare but no government health care! Soldiers are dying for our freedoms so we can hunt illegals and prevent mosques from being built! Take us back to the happy age somewhere in our past (but actually only found on tv) where white males were in power and everybody else knew their place!

Stupid is as stupid does.... and that's why I'm stocking up on canned food and catapults.


Update 8/18: Speaking of which...

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Update: And even more to the point:
In a new segment called "Jon Stewart And Anderson Cooper Look At Gaping Holes,' Stewart analyzed the plot holes in Rep. Gohmert's story. First of all, wouldn't it be easier to recruit adult Americans than to raise them from scratch? Secondly, Stewart pointed out that raising a terror baby would be difficult because, "you know, when they become terror teens they tune you out."

As always, Stewart introduced a logical solution: hero babies! We can raise our own babies to fight the terror babies to be prepared for the wait-listed attack. "These babies don't run... Yet," Stewart said.

Stewart then took a look at some of Rep. Gohmert's other causes by showing clips of him speaking in Congress. Let's just say the topics ranged from animal protection to sleeping with corpses to Hitler. In that order.


charley said...

In a new segment called "Jon Stewart And Anderson Cooper Look At Gaping Holes,'"

possibly the best set up ever.

as jon said himself, "i bet you weren't expecting that?"

man, that gohmert guy is way over the edge

someone on TMP said he had been a judge. how can that be?

ellroon said...

Omg! Really? He's straight out of the 1920s back country! Off to google...