Saturday, August 21, 2010

Apparently we are at war with soldiers' individual freedoms

Because we need them to protect our national freedoms.... or something:
Troops Punished After Refusing to Attend Evangelical Concert

Pvt. Anthony Smith is the type of guy who stands up for what he believes in. That's why he decided to hold his commanding officers accountable for punishing him and fellow soldiers after they refused to attend an evangelical Christian rock concert at the Fort Eustis military post in Virginia.

After a day of training at Fort Eustis, Smith and other trainees were normally released to have personal time, but on May 13, Smith and dozens of others were "required" to march in formation to a concert headlined by an evangelical Christian rock band.


"No option was presented to us off the bat," Smith told Truthout about the required concert.


Once outside the concert, Smith and the other trainees were finally given an option and told to split into two groups: those who wanted to attend, and those who did not. Smith and about 80 others decided not to attend, even though they were obviously being "pressured" to do so. Smith and the others were sent back to their barracks on "lockdown," a punishment that Smith said withholds even basic freedoms like using their own electronics.
I want to ask the commanding officer... are you at war with our Constitution? What about freedom of religion AND freedom from religion? Are you at war with Islam?

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