Monday, December 28, 2009

Blog sprinkles


The pope attack! I'm not laughing. Honest. Really...

Bryan of Why Now? explains how to deal with terrorism.

Think Progress: Mary Matalin claims President Bush ‘inherited’ the September 11th terror attacks. Just wondering....Mary, are you really buffing Georgie's legacy all by yourself or did someone encourage you to do so?

Just wondering... but if the Catholics bishops can demand that no federal money is ever used for abortions because they are evil, why can't we demand that no federal money is ever used for war because it is evil?

Via JJ of the Unrepentant Old Hippie, a final solution to the Muslim 'problem'. And another cracked pot is heard from.

Why are we letting Israel block aid to Gaza?

Republicans want to repeal
the just voted for Health Care bill! Or something!

: ABC: Two al Qaeda Leaders Behind Northwest Flight 253 Terror Plot Were Released by Bush in 2007.

The Jokerization of media figures.

Mustang Bobby
wants to know whether you will say Twenty ten or Two thousand ten...

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