Sunday, August 09, 2009

No wonder Republicans hate science.

Only 6% of scientists are Republicans.

I guess education does open your eyes to truth, make you aware of the others' humanity, demand you ask questions and find a variety of answers, allow you accept other faiths or no faith at all, let you realize that global warming is a threat to all of us, show that war is always horrifying and horrible, make you question everything all the time, insist that you keep your mind and your heart open.

You can't really be educated and be a Republican.


Al said...

One can be very well educated and still be a greedy, authoritarian, paranoid creep, which would also make one a perfect Republican.

Anonymous said...

That's not what the survey says. Only 6% of scientists responding to the survey listed themselves as Republicans, which is far far different than saying that "Only 6% of scientists are Republicans."

Funny how you guys like to trot out the Republican anti-intellectual trope, but seem to overlook the likes of Cynthia McKinney, or Tom Harkin, or Stephen Holdren's association with Paul Ehrlich, to name a few examples.

dianedp said...

Difficult to be a scientist when you believe the earth is 6,000 years old and dinosaurs cohabited the earth with humans.

deang said...

A bigger problem is that vast numbers of doctors are Republicans.

jgr4 said...

I think you have the cause and effect backwards. Inquisitive people who ask questions and are open to new answers are the people that enjoy education, and embrace the scientific method.
Atheism is much more common among scientists, maybe for the same reason. And that's probably another reason the republicans hate science.

ellroon said...

Al, you are correct. I was making a wonderful stereotypical generality from the link's poll.

Anon, I'm aware people can make stats and polls do anything. So I've been collecting a few articles about these last eight years and the scientific community... I'll just highlight every few words for the links, but if you want, just search my blog for the word 'science' and you'll get a few articles that support my theory.

ellroon said...

dianedp, you and I would agree that person couldn't be a real scientist, but there are those who teach intelligent design who would insist they are .... negating the entire concept of what science is.

deang... I had no idea. Makes you wonder if there is a connection between Republican doctors and the condition of health care today, doesn't it?

jgr4, I think both of us are correct. Education opens minds, open minds delight in education.