Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are we going to let the terrorists win?

Are we going to let other Dr. Tiller-like murders happen?

From this website.

When are we going to demand the police and FBI protect them?


Because women need to be able to control their bodies, control their own reproductive processes. It is that simple.


ecthompson said...

...and I would add that abortion is legal is this country even though Republicans don't act like it.

Dhalgren said...

We need to change the debate. 'It's legal' is not enough. We need to come out and state the truth - abortion is a legitimate medical procedure which up to 25% of women will experience in their lifetimes.

The Philly PD needed to be slapped by the Justice Department over that shit. That was despicable.

And if you want to ever get angry and see what the anti-aborts are up to, trot on over to

Mike Goldman said...

We need to be clear too, that abortion is not against God's laws either. Under Jewish law, life does not begin until breath, or Ruach. Jesus said nothing to change this.

Don't let the American Taliban get away with terrorizing women.

ellroon said...

ecthompson, they'll say that slavery was legal at one time too, and that it was protests that brought it down. They've honed their arguments well, even if they are wrong.

Dhalgren... Oh barf. I'm sorry I clicked. What I marvel at is their focus and resolve to force every woman carry her pregnancy to term as if that is what 'God' wanted her to do. The gift of life and so on... So, are spontaneous miscarriages 'God's will' too? Did God change his mind about the woman being worthy as a parent or something? Any kind of accident 'God's will'? If you fell down a flight of stairs and broke your leg, why is that not God's will and therefore a sin to set the leg? You're a 'life', too, right?

Mike, one of the articles I read about an abortion clinic was that they saw all kinds of women in need come through.... even some of the women who held signs outside their clinic. "I'm not this kind of woman," would be their mantra,"We just can't afford another child right now..." or whatever reason they offered up. But somehow they were different than the sluts who were so blaze about aborting.

Abortion is necessary, and until we get a perfect permanent contraceptive that's given to everybody in their childhood, abortion will be with us, legal or not.

Let's not go back to the back alleys....