Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sitting in the Dock of the Hague

With groveling apologies to Otis Redding and a shaking fist at Steve Bates who got the song and the idea stuck in my head....


Sittin' in the mornin' sun
I'll be sittin' when the evenin' come
Watching the lawyers roll in
And then I watch 'em roll away again, yeah

I'm sittin' in the dock of the Hague
Watching my poll numbers slide away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' in the dock of the Hague
Wastin' time

I left my home in Texas
Headed for the Capitol Hill
'Cause I've had preznitshal elections
And everything wuz gonna come my way

But I'm just gonna sit in the dock of the Hague
Watching evidence pile day by day
Ooo, I'm sittin' in the dock of the Hague
Wastin' time

Look like nothing's gonna change
Everything still remains the same
I can't do what ten people tell me to do
So I guess I'll remain the same, yes

Sittin' here resting my bones
And this loneliness won't leave me alone
It's three or four countries I bombed
Just to make this dock my home

Now, I'm just gonna sit in the dock of the Hague
Watching my life roll away
Oooo-wee, sittin' in the dock of the Hague
Wastin' time


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Update: It needs this picture:



Steve Bates said...

Splendid! Honestly, ellroon, I'd have done it myself if I could have, but today involved a few non-optional distractions, and besides, I believe you did it much better than I could have anyway.

ellroon said...

I should have used your suggestion and used the word at instead of of. But I wanted it to be as close to the original as I could.... oh whatever.

ellroon said...

And furthermore... you'd have done a better job, you'd have dropped in a few mystery puns in there as well...

If inspired, put in comments and I'll add them! /throws down gauntlet, hits side of comment box, drops on foot, jerks away and hits head on top of comment box, falls down....

Steve Bates said...

Nope, no suggestions, ellroon... yours is a job well done, just as it stands.

Yes, when I first came up with the title, I heard "of" in my mind's ear, too. I hadn't really decided by the time I passed it over to you.

Watch out for those comment boxes. I understand "comment box head-and-foot disorder" can be serious!

I finally got around to linking your parody this morning. Sorry for the delay; a friend is going in for surgery today, and we're all a bit distracted here.

(Oh, now this is good... there's a word verification box, but no captcha graphic. The new graphics are even more unreadable to my old eyes than the old ones, but we have no choice but to use something to stop the spam. Blogger/Google is beginning to annoy me...)

ellroon said...

Thanks Steve. I hope your friend patches up and recovers quickly.

We've just had to put my MIL in a nursing home. That was ... expected but upsetting. But at least now she is getting 24 hour care.

We still haven't experienced any release from stress, it just is a different kind of stress.

And so it goes...

Steve Bates said...

Our friend in this case is Catherine (flutist, photographer, editor) whose cat Lotus occasionally appears on the YDD. She had outpatient surgery for a detached retina today. The condition came on very suddenly on Friday; she was nearly blind in that eye by the time of today's surgery. The surgery was successful; a full recovery is 90 percent likely... but Catherine cannot do anything she usually does, including work, and it's driving her crazy.

Best of luck with your MIL. I know all too well how difficult that can be. And yes, one feels both better and, well, a bit uncomfortable putting someone in a nursing home, but there are times when one has no choice. Hang in there.

ellroon said...


And tell Catherine to work at doing nothing. It's hard work, but her eye will thank her....

or something..