Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Frank Rich

Assures us the Democrats are not unraveling over the silliness of flag pins, Pastor Wright, nor bittergate, and that McBush should be careful not to get complacent:
Mr. McCain is not only burdened with the most despised president in his own 71-year lifetime, but he’s getting none of the seasoning that he, no less than the Democrats, needs to compete in the fall. Age is as much an issue as race and gender in this campaign. Mr. McCain will have to prove not merely that he can keep to the physical rigors of his schedule and fend off investigations of his ties to lobbyists and developers. He also must show he can think and speak fluently about the domestic issues that are gripping the country. Picture him debating either Democrat about health care, the mortgage crisis, stagnant middle-class wages, rice rationing at Costco. It’s not pretty.

Last week found Mr. McCain visiting economically stricken and “forgotten” communities (forgotten by Republicans, that is) in what his campaign bills as the “It’s Time for Action Tour.” It kicked off in Selma, Ala., a predominantly black town where he confirmed his maverick image by drawing an almost exclusively white audience.

The “action” the candidate outlined in the text of his speeches may strike many voters as running the gamut from inaction to inertia. Mr. McCain vowed that he would not “roll out a long list of policy initiatives.” (He can’t, given his long list of tax cuts.) He said he would not bring back lost jobs, lost wages or lost houses. But, as The Birmingham News reported, this stand against government bailouts for struggling Americans didn’t prevent his campaign from helping itself to free labor underwritten by taxpayers: inmates from a local jail were recruited to set up tables and chairs for a private fund-raiser.

The Democrats’ unending brawl may be supplying prime time with a goodly share of melodrama right now, but there will be laughter aplenty once the Republican campaign that’s not ready for prime time emerges from the wings.

I'm ready to laugh!







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Distributorcap said...

one can only hope -- the MSM is having too jolly of a time with the giant soap opera right now -- One Wright to Live...

and they will make sure the soap continues to Nov - for them to actually discuss issues or mccains lack of knowledge -- would be too mucht o ask

ellroon said...

That's why I'm looking for the McBush punchline... somewhere there will be a picture that will encapsulate all the lack of knowledge, the corruption, the pandering to lobbyists and MSMers, the senior moments ...

And still they won't listen. Talk about an inwardly-turned incestuous narcissistic media.

But oh! Look! PastorwrightHannahMontanabittergate

swathi said...

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i like a lot..
thank you

ellroon said...

Thanks, swathi Discover Card advertiser!