Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday troubles

The world's smallest kingdom.

Tom Tomorrow's latest.

Congress, do your job!

Josh Marshall's unhappy prediction about the mobs at the Trump events: Someone will die.

Why Pluto looks the way it does.

Atlantic Salmon Is All But Extinct as a Genetically Eroded Version of Farmed Salmon Has Taken Over


Steve Bates said...

Marshall is right about Trump. A couple weeks ago I asserted in a post subject that Trump is a fascist. I was not being flippant or gratuitously critical: take your choice, "fascist" or "Nazi," that is a reasonable assessment of his behavior... and that of his army of thugs. Trump and Cruz scare me for different reasons (the latter is a Christian religious fanatic), but I get a chill whenever I think of either of them occupying the White House. The GOP has some potentially sane candidates, but its nutjobs assure they will never be the ones who run for the highest offices, and the likely victims are the American voting public. And yes, some of us will be killed by the Trump troops (or the Cruz crusaders); I see no basis to expect restraint from those marauders when push comes to violent shove.

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. My post today explains why, sort of.

Steve Bates said...

BTW, thanks for the Pluto link; I didn't know that. I kinda miss Pluto; I realized that when The Cat in the Hat took Nick and Sally on a tour of the eight [sic] planets, and never even mentioned that Pluto was once the ninth. I have no objections to reclassification in the interest of accuracy, but I've spent about 60 years reciting "Mercury, Venus, Earth, ... Pluto," and it's a hard habit to break.

ellroon said...

Digby today in her article said about Trump that he's "an unqualified, fascist, megalomaniac Bond villain." Don't think you can get more clear than that. http://digbysblog.blogspot.com/2016/03/headline-o-day-trumpshame.html?