Sunday, March 13, 2016

Donald Trump's brown shirts

This is something potentially very bad. Trump has already told his supporters that he wants them to use violence at his rallies against people with whom they disagree. Now, he is threatening to organize them and send them to his opponents rallies, ostensibly, to use violence. That would mean Trump is starting to think of his most ardent supporters as a radicalized force he can use to silence his opponents with the threat of violence. People told to prepare to use force and go to a specific place to take action against the political opposition--this is a next level scenario that would suggest Trump sees violence as a tool for gaining office, which would mean he is having thoughts akin to someone planning not to win an election, but to seize power. He hasn't done all this yet--but that seems to be how his mindset is evolving. If this happens, it would definitely be time to take legal action to end his campaign. ‪#‎notgood‬

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