Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Josh Marshall is right

(My bold)

 As the Trump rally antics and violence have grown they too have taken on an increasingly ritualized form.

1. Protesters disrupt Trump rally and create disturbance as angry Trumpites gather around to express anger at caricatured versions of 21st century loser class who threaten their inheritance.

2. Trump engages in brief parley with protesters before calling for them to be ejected with now trademark "Get'em outta here!" (Sort of the paramilitary version of the once iconic, corporate "You're fired!")

3. Crowd ecstatic as security guards escort protestors out through a sort of Tea Party walk of shame, eventually along an aisle which is actually a gauntlet of jeering and taunts.

4. Self-selected Trumpite assaults protester being led out of arena, bringing the ritual to a conclusion.

So, parodic left-wing protester, fight, ejection, ritual violence, symbolic confirmation of Trump's role as destroyer of bad guys and losers.

Trump's rallies too are quickly becoming as ritualized as pro-wrestling.

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