Friday, October 05, 2012

Problems? What problems?

Concern over Sri Lanka kidney disease
Incurable ailment linked by researchers to farming chemicals prompts calls for controls on pesticide use.
Who cares about the poor anyway? U.S. military’s secret experiment sprayed radiation on low-income housing

Droning on takes on a whole new meaning...

Can we just start calling them lies now? At Last Night’s Debate: Romney Told 27 Myths In 38 Minutes  and 10 Pieces Of Proof That Mitt Romney Thinks You're Stupid and Rachel Maddow is keeping track and David Corn notes Romney's flip on the 47 percent.

If you don't support this, you aren't against abortion.  You're against sex.
Abortion rates plummet with free birth control.
Ducks that had been kept in a pen all their lives are introduced to water for the first time. You think you have problems....

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