Wednesday, August 08, 2012


This is my 7002nd post on this blog.  Is that a lot? I don't talk too much, do I?  What do you think?  Do I?  Could it be that I post a lot because politics and news and war are relentlessly bad and I can't stand it and I must say something or my head will blow off and then there'd be a mess at my computer and we couldn't have that so I must rant and complain loudly?  And often.

I dedicate the seven thousand and two post to zombie bees.


Poor bees.  First we poison them with pesticides and they get Colony Collapse Disorder and now they have zombie-making parasites.  Apparently we really do want to destroy humanity... bees first.


Marcellina said...

I love your posts! A nice mix of politics with other things like archeology, history, nature... keep up the good work!

ellroon said...

Why thank you, you wonderful person you.

Love your blog. Keeps reminding me there are places other than the good ol' USofA. Helps keep it all in perspective.

Steve Bates said...

7002 posts... I haven't managed that many in over 10 years of blogging!

Bees gone, humans follow... it's that simple.

ellroon said...

I think the Bush era drove me bonkers... and I needed a place to rant. And now ranting is a hobby.

Bees go, food goes, people start eating people.... Zombie film at eleven!