Saturday, June 25, 2011

The GOP War on Everybody

War on Women.

War on Social Security: (via Steve Bates)

On workers.

On scientists. And global warming/ climate change.

On net neutrality. And healthy business competition.

On Democrats.

On anyone in the GOP who dares to stray or to think for themselves.


Steve Bates said...

Meanwhile, some GOPers are trying to start a movement for a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution. OK with me... if they will agree, in keeping with their constant insistence that the federal budget is just like a family household budget, that they as individuals must pay off all their family debt, including their mortgage, their cars and their credit cards, by the end of each calendar year. Hey, if the feral gummint has to do it, why shouldn't they have to do it as individuals?

Of course, when they are homeless on the street, without even a minivan to live in and nothing to eat, the gummint will have no means of helping them out, so, sorry Charley, no food stamps for you, just go eat grass, if you can find any that hasn't burned off in a wildfire, which was not fought because there were no gummint firefighting resources, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

I find myself coming ever closer to outright hatred of Republicans...

ellroon said...

Maybe we should call the US Norquistan and be done with it...