Saturday, June 04, 2011

And here we go..

The end result in anti-abortion efforts. A 'friend' of the sister turned this woman in:
Unable to afford the doctors visits and medical bills associated with an actual medical abortion, Jennie L. McCormack of Idaho instead had her sister purchase drugs online to ingest in order to cause a miscarriage. McCormack, who is the mother of three, is now being charged with "unlawful abortion" according to the Associated Press.

If McCormack is found guilty, she could be subject to a $5,000 penalty as well as up to five years in prison.
And in comments on Facebook where this article was shared, something I agree with:
I just love how when I talk to anti-choicers about the ways in which we can work together to help end abortion by making sure every woman has easy access to contraception and hammering the facts about safe sex into our youths' heads through comprehensive sex-education, they suddenly clam up and get silent. That just proves to me that they don't really care about reducing abortion & unwanted pregnancies, they just want to control people.

Update: And further into the fringes: Anti-Abortion Groups Push To Outlaw Contraceptives By Redefining Personhood

Update 6/6: More on the woman who had to carry her baby to term even though the amniotic sac had broken and the baby would not develop lungs properly. All because of the anti-abortion pro-life laws that had been passed in the state. The baby suffocated to death at birth.


Steve Bates said...

It's all about control, and it's about nothing but control. Attempts to redefine chemical contraception as abortion are proof positive of this. But I wouldn't bet on sanity prevailing in this day and age in America.

For years, Planned Parenthood has needed volunteers to escort patients... whether or not they came for an abortion... to the clinics through mobs of screaming, sign-waving zealots to whom the rule of law apparently means nothing. What's next? Instead of rings of people with linked arms protecting patients, will we need rings of armed security guards? How far will this go?

[CAPTCHA text "encin"... I suppose that's what Stella and I are living.]

ellroon said...

I don't understand how such people as these anti-choicers can't put themselves into someone else's shoes for a moment and realize that a pregnancy is wonderful if wanted and horrific if not. Why do they try to save fetuses' lives and then turn an indifferent cold shoulder to neglected and unwanted children?

And if you guys are living in sin and going to hell, then I want to go there too. All the fun people will...

Steve Bates said...

"I don't understand how such people as these anti-choicers can't put themselves into someone else's shoes for a moment..."

An astonishing number of anti-choice families end up with an unwanted pregnancy, usually of a teenage daughter. And they usually quietly (read: secretly) obtain an abortion for her. The rationalizations by which they justify their actions are a sight to behold. Hypocrisy, thy name is anti-abortion activist.

Stella and I are too old to generate much titillation among the moralizers.

Mark Twain said many things on the order of "...heaven for climate, and hell for society." Just so.

ellroon said...

Moralizers like to concentrate on the ones creatively highjinking or something ;D!

And bless Mark Twain. I have to find the new autobiography sometime....