Saturday, December 11, 2010

Standing up

And fighting back.

Against bullies. (This story is so sweet.)

Against unfair charges and demands from an indifferent government.

Against those who pretend to be hunters and outdoorsmen when they are not.


Steve Bates said...

Kudos to that young man in the video: he has a hard life ahead of him, but I have a feeling he's strong enough to take it... and dish it out when necessary.

As for Sarah, someone ought to tell her the truth, painful as it may be for her to hear: real hunters are environmentalists. Real hunters belong to Sierra Club. What? hunters? Sierra Club? YES! I can't mention the actual figure (internal data, etc.), but unbelievable numbers of hunters are SC members, and take their conservationist attitudes with them every time they hunt. Sarah is... well, I think we all know what Sarah is, and what she isn't.

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ellroon said...

Real hunters actually love nature and realize you can't let every yahoo who wants to shoot things loose in the great outdoors. Wasn't it the hunting clubs that were pushing some of the environmental protection laws just a while back?