Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Maybe we should all buy farmland in Britain

Not to grow stuff... to dig up!
For 1,800 years the story of the 'lost British emperor' who defied ancient Rome has been merely a footnote in history books.

Carausius's audacious seizure of power and seven-year reign over Britain and much of Gaul have largely been forgotten.

But thanks to the astonishing discovery of 52,000 Roman coins, new light is being shed on one of the most turbulent periods of our island story.

Hundreds of the coins - buried in a gigantic clay jar and weighing as much as two men - bear the image of Carausius.

The discovery was made by hospital chef Dave Crisp using a metal detector.

The 63-year-old unearthed 21 of the coins on a farm near Frome in Somerset before realising the find was so significant expert help was needed. He called in archaeologists who set about the delicate task of excavating the site.

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