Monday, July 19, 2010

Blog sprinkles


Thanks to BP, exploding water!!

BP police?

Bryan of Why Now? talks about the 'mystery plumber' who tried to help BP.

Phila of Bouphonia's last two Friday Hope blogs.

Aspartame poisons.


mahakal said...

Xylitol is starting to show up in packets, which is pleasing. Unlike aspartame, xylitol is a natural sugar from tree sap and it has anti-cavity benefits as well.

On the anointing story, you know the holy oil is supposed to contain cannabis with other ingredients to help transport it across the skin, cinnamon, cassia and myrrh, in olive oil. I don't think that should be given to fifth graders on general principle, even apart from the inappropriateness of religious practices in the public schools. Somehow I doubt the teacher had the correct recipe anyway. ;)

ellroon said...

I just assumed she concocted some variation of Extra Holy Virgin Olive Oil in her kitchen and blessed it herself....

mahakal said...

Better than Crisco, I guess. :)

ellroon said...

Ack! Shades of Ashcroft!