Friday, October 09, 2009

Cover your cough, please.


The Google tracking of the flu, scary map and graph. And the usual common sense instructions:

Fight influenza

CDC urges you to take these steps to protect yourself and others from the flu:

  1. Get vaccinated against flu.
  2. Wash hands often, cover your cough.
  3. Take antiviral drugs if your doctor recommends them.

This flu season could be worse than prior years. A new flu virus called 2009 H1N1 is spreading worldwide. Take these 3 steps to protect against the new flu, too.


Mike Goldman said...

That flu vaccine business is really awful Ellroon.

Mike Goldman said...

Antiviral drugs also = Tamiflu, Don Rumsfeld's precious drug. Why not recommend your readers consume lots of Aspartame to avoid gaining weight?

Mike Goldman said...

Makers Of Vaccination Refuse To Take H1N1.

Mike Goldman said...

More people are likely to die from vaccination than from flu.

Think about that very carefully.

Mike Goldman said...

Do you think the federal bureaucracies suddenly became TRUSTWORTHY the moment the change of administration occurred? THINK FOR YOURSELF! WAKE UP.

Mike Goldman said...

Would you agree to a proposal that everyone get a shot of penicillin?

That's what this is tantamount to, except it's not a generic antibiotic, it's very profitable commercial vaccines which we don't even know the full ingredient list of.

ellroon said...

Thanks, Mike. Good points all. I'll research more.

Steve Bates said...

Mike, one link to one video (not even an article, and not containing one single quote or name of a specific scientific source) doesn't exactly constitute a "reference." A polite description of that purported news segment would be "spreading a rumor." And that's the polite description.

Maybe everything you say is true; I'm not the one to say. But if it's true, you haven't even remotely begun to document it. And your "source," RT, has just shown itself to be the Fox News of Canada. "People told me..."? "Friends in the public health community..."? "Some scientists..."? Jeebus, gimme a break! Name me a name! Quote me a source!

Oh, one more thing. I beg of you, Mike... STOP SHOUTING IN PRINT!

ellroon said...


It's good to have multiple sources to back up any position, but I've heard Mike's points from my family who refer to different sites... (If you sight a good site you should cite it...)

I haven't come to any conclusion, but the fear of a Spanish Flu type pandemic is on one side and the fear of untested and forced inoculations is on the other. Somewhere between lies the truth....