Monday, December 08, 2008


Under the skin, to continue to poison us with the neocon virus. What will it take to purge these people from the government?:
With only 44 days left in office, President Bush continues to “burrow” people into government positions that will continue long after President-elect Obama is sworn in. “All told, Mr. Bush has made roughly 30 personnel moves since the November election, some in nominations that will require Senate approval, and others in direct appointments that will last well into President-elect Barack Obama’s term and beyond.” The New York Times reports that on Tuesday of last week alone, Bush hired 18 people for administration jobs.


Steve Bates said...

Can these people be "promoted" by Obama... given a small office alone and a higher-sounding title, a few bucks more in salary, and absolutely NO responsibilities? I would consider it worth the money to "kick them upstairs," as the usage was in my younger years.

ellroon said...

Only if we can lock them in.