Saturday, November 11, 2006

Honor our soldiers on Veteran's Day

by getting rid of that gas-guzzling SUV and those moronic magnetic yellow ribbons. You want to keep your MPGs (Marines per gallon) low. Vote when you can. Pay your taxes. Demand that our government gives our veterans support and medical care. Ask for a GI Bill so that we don't have another generation of homeless vets wandering our streets. Tell Congress to stop giving money to Halliburton and start giving funds to assist soldiers.

Acknowledge our freedom is balanced on the backs of the citizens in uniform. Remember in this present war young men and women died and are dying in horrific violence, in deathly muted mental anguish, in hospital beds, in the sand, in strange lands, for ever changing reasons in a vanity war and for no noble cause.

But they died, are dying and will die doing the job that keeps on shifting, giving their most heroic efforts, doing what was asked of them and doing it brilliantly. Just because they volunteered does not mean their lives have no value. Our soldiers put their lives into the hands of the Bush administration, to be used well and responsibly when we need to protect our nation and our people. The Bush administration has no respect for them and regards them as cannon fodder, to be used repeatedly until useless, and then tossed.

Our soldiers do not see any sacrifice on the part of the American people. No one is tightening the belt, saving the cans, sending the care packages, planting the victory gardens, saving money. There is no one paying the price but our soldiers and their families.

Only our soldiers are at war, our nation is not.

Our soldiers are heroes. The Bush administration is not.

Honor our veterans. Know why we have such a day. Remember what it cost.

Update: Acknowledging the women vets.

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