Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ellroon's Blenderized Version of Congress: Senatouse of Represenators.

After repeatedly mangling the House and the Senate personalities and job duties, I realized I had no clear understanding of the organizational flow of power, so went on a hunt through my books and Wikipedia to teach myself.

The 109th Congressional leaders are/were as follows:

President of the Senate: Vice President Dick Cheney
President Pro Tempore: Ted Stevens

Senate Majority Leader: Bill Frist
Senate Majority Whip: Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Leader: Harry Reid
Senate Minority Whip: Richard Durbin

House of Representatives:
Speaker of the House: Dennis Hastert
House Majority Leader: DeLay (until 9/28/2005), Blunt (9/28/2005 until 2/2/2006), Boehner 2/2/2006 to present.
House Majority Whip: Roy Blunt
House Minority Leader: Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Whip: Steny Hoyer

The 110th Congressional leaders are/will be:

President of the Senate: Vice President Dick Cheney
President Pro Tempore: Robert Byrd

Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid
Senate Majority Whip: Richard Durbin
Senate Minority Leader: Mitch McConnell
Senate Minority Whip: Trent Lott? Lamar Alexander?

House of Representatives:
Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi
House Majority Leader: John Murtha? Steny Hoyer?
House Majority Whip: James Clyburn
House Minority Leader: Mike Pence? John Boehner?
House Minority Whip: Roy Blunt? John Shadegg?

My confusion: Why is the Speaker of the House third in line rather than the head of the Senate after the Vice President? Explained here.
The RNC and the DNC leaders are often retired elected officials but are put into power by their parties national committees not by public election.

I'm sure I will find more confusion to clarify and my Blenderized Version will be quite thick.


Bryan said...

The Speaker was felt to be the most appropriate because the House is more representative of the people, while the Senate is, by design, representative of the states.

Being elected by the House to be Speaker is very similar to being elected by the electoral college to be President.

ellroon said...

Which explains why Bush and co. are so terrified of her then. Nice.