Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bullets, brain cells, and breasts

A mother wants you to see what bullets did to her child.

Plastic eating mealworms may save our planet from ourselves. And we need to build many of these 'trash wheels' and let them go all over the planet's oceans.  Kinda like really large roombas...

How to build new brain cells.

GMO Arctic apples.  Bacon is not fatal, just not particularly good for you.  Lettuce by LED lights.

Here's what Marijuana does to breast cancer.

The Griffin Warrior found in Pylos, Greece.

We vote not for what we like but against what we're afraid of.  Fear works.

House design after living in a dumpster.

Uh oh... Scientology has its own candidate for Senate.

Because malnutrition was so fun...


Steve Bates said...

The Griffin Warrior found in Pylos, Greece.

And yesterday, Greek coast guard members stationed on the island of Lesbos saved about 240 refugees whose boat capsized. Can't you imagine the English-speaking tabloid headline writers grinning and rubbing their hands in anticipation of that one? :-)

ellroon said...

Ha! I shall wait with 'bated' breath...