Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday slurry

Robocall justice.  I promise never to buy any product being sold by cold calling people.


Prisoner's dilemma.

Explaining what privilege means.

Torture doctors could be prosecuted?  It's about time!!  Jean Maria Arrigo needs to be praised as well.

Wonderful graphs showing that human activity is warming the world.  And plastic in your food will kill you.

Donald Trump will allow Jeb to position himself as the sane one.

More guns = more crime.


Steve Bates said...
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Steve Bates said...

"Rats dream about their future, study suggests"

"[S]tudy suggests"? Why a study? Couldn't somebody have simply asked The Donald? %-P

Steve Bates said...

"Explaining what privilege means.

My father was a very bright, intelligent, compassionate man who was brought up in an inarguably lower-class family. He put himself through college (the first in his family to attend) on an athletic scholarship, took a variety of jobs, and eventually decided (actually we decided as a family, but the vote was unanimous) to take a pay CUT to become a schoolteacher, the job for which his college degree qualified him. Yes, those were lean times for all of us, though I seldom missed meals. One time Dad saw a quiz in a magazine article purporting to tell the American reader what social class s/he was a member of. Dad took it; he was listed as "upper lower class." IOW, his college degree did not improve his social standing.

Dad vowed that his son would do better. He had a few connections as a teacher (and later as a school counselor), and plied them to obtain the supposedly impossible: my transfer from a very ordinary high school to arguably the best public school in the system, right in the middle of the then wealthiest neighborhood in Houston. My academic performance there was indistinguishable from the other high-ranked though much wealthier students; I graduated very high in my class and had the pleasure of vexing my social betters by being demonstrably as smart as they were. Ah, those were heady times!

But in America, class is a very real thing. If I had not taken a technology-based career path, I would still not have made any great amount of money. And I was never once in my career offered a supervisory position, despite my high ranking as an IT professional: it was pretty obvious that I was not even a little bit upper-crust, and the bosses' jobs were reserved for such people (all men in those days). America damned surely has a class system; it's just better concealed than in most European countries. And the system still determines much of a child's later life, as surely as his/her gender or race.

Here ends the rant for the morning. [/sigh]

Steve Bates said...

"More guns = more crime."

And we awaken this morning to still more grisly evidence, this time in Louisiana. That's, what, three massacres in two months in America? It happens so often I'm truly not sure...

The reader's assignment is to write a limerick involving the phrases, "firing their Glocks" and "cleaning their clocks" ...