Saturday, July 11, 2015

Concerning Jeb Bush's statement about working longer hours

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo says it all: (my bold)
It's unclear to me whether Bush doesn't even fully understand the policies his advisors are trying to explain to him or whether this is just standard patrician work ethic morality. Whichever it is, the real structural problem in our economy is stagnant wages for more than a generation for most of the population. Advances or just keeping up have largely been accomplished by working more hours at the same wages (in real terms). Meanwhile, wealth and income from labor productivity gains have tended to go the very wealthy rather than wage earners. This is all known and discussed to the point of being a cliche. But this is the gist. There's a decent argument that people working longer hours is the problem; it's definitely not the solution. 
This again is something you say about work when it's something other people do.


Steve Bates said...

"This again is something you say about work when it's something other people do." - ellroon

A-(women), sister! No one who has ever had to work for a living could ever be so flippant about the notion of adding hours of work to an ordinary working person's already crowded schedule of essentials.

The evidence of his academic record is that JEB! is bright and clever. I have seen no comparable evidence that he is empathetic... or that he has ever had to hold down an absolutely untenable work situation in his own life just to feed his family. Even the brightest can be clueless without that human experience!

ellroon said...

The Bush clan seems to be full of sociopaths...