Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Republicans seem to want to go back to the good old days... even though there never has been any good old days.

Debtors prisons were so nineteenth century...

How socialism has helped the United States.  And how Merikans don't know it.

People Finally Realizing For-Profit Education Is A Scam — University Of Phoenix Loses Half Its Students

Medieval medicine still works today... and works better than some modern medicines.

Breathe deeply.  Save our oceans.

Separation of church and state.  The US is actually NOT a Christian nation.

Jeb Bush thinks Governor Mike Pence did the right thing.  Do not forget the Terri Shiavo case. These indicate clearly where Jeb would go as president. Odd how the Republicans have hijacked the term, "religious freedom" so they can make it mean whatever they want it to mean.


Steve Bates said...

"The US is actually NOT a Christian nation."

As a non-Christian Unitarian Universalist (along with Presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Millard Fillmore and arguably Thomas Jefferson), I could not agree more. And if you encounter people who insist our nation's founders intended a "Christian nation," sit them forcibly in front of a computer and make them search on
"Mahometan" "Thomas Jefferson"
... Mahometan was the old word for Muslim. Not only is America not a Christian nation now, it never was a Christian nation.

Steve Bates said...

My own memorial to Terri Schiavo. The intro is optional; skip to the poem if you like. (You may have to tinker with font size using Ctrl+ or Ctrl- ... it's a very old site.)