Friday, March 20, 2015

Lost and found

A lost Sherlock Holmes story is found in an attic.

Kepler 186f... an earth we can move to when we eff this one up.

Speaking of which... the Amazon trees are dying and not dealing with as much carbon as they used to.  Didn't we call the Amazon forest the lungs of the world?  Maybe France will save us from ourselves.

Paul Krugman and his threateningly dangerous statements of truth about Republicans.

Women are scary things and shouldn't be given too much power.

Do it yourself health insurance.


Steve Bates said...

Your Sherlockian link grabbed for my site... with due credit, of course!

Steve Bates said...

BTW, thanks for the Kepler link. We always knew the day would come that an Earth-like planet in an appropriate star's habitable zone would be found, but I had no idea it would be within my lifetime. I can die happy now. Well, maybe not now...

As for moving there, I think not: 500 light years is a bit too far until warp drive comes along!