Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fear of blow holes, the educated, jellyfish and bees.

Being afraid of education, of the educated is a sign that what you are comfortable with is wrong.

Mysterious Siberian blow holes.

How about shopping for a new body when yours wears out?

Pork production, and the need of another book like The Jungle.

No word for blue until the modern times.

The warming of the oceans means more jellyfish.

Viking burial site has Islamic coins.

Recycling all types of plastic just became harder because China has cut back.

Chicago black site.

Bees in danger world wide.  (Thanks for the article link, Steve!)

Discussion on a college campus about the 'problem of whiteness' exposes the very problem as a white freakout occurs.

When good people see police brutality in action and respond accordingly.

What does the collapse of Libya mean to the rest of the world?

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