Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dinosaurs to twanging bras to bright spots on Ceres.

How dinosaurs became birds.

There shouldn't be any public schools because they teach liberal stuff.

Olive oil kills cancer cells.

Slut-shamers and anti-abortionists share the same fear of women being able to control their own bodies.  And what happened after a boy twanged her bra several times.

What are poopers?  Ok, I laughed at the misspelling but the blog post is hilarious.

Supermassive black holes that shouldn't exist but do.

Portland harnesses the power of the sewers to create electricity.

Jeb Bush.

Mysterious bright spots on Ceres.  And a weird orbit of 3753 Cruithne around the Earth.

Terrorism will not destroy America.  Our hysteria about it might.


Steve Bates said...

"And what happened after a boy twanged her bra several times."

Bra-strap twanging is, as the mother emphasized, not materially different from jock-strap twanging: it may be an affectionate and very private gesture between intimates, but not outside of a relationship with a prior and well-established physical component.

The only episode in my experience that was highly amusing to both parties who were not intimates was during intermission at a concert I attended. One of the performers was a young, very buxom woman, a violinist who by now has an international career, someone I'd known probably 20 years at the time and had worked with many times onstage. She approached me in the green room and whispered, "Steve, my bra hook has come loose, and it's driving me crazy, interfering with my bowing." (No one would have noticed; her playing was splendid as usual.)

She motioned to me to go into a corner of the room, where I re-hooked the bra, one-handed, sight unseen, from the back of her dress. It's not something I'd never done before, only something I'd never done to/for a musical colleague in the middle of a concert! Afterward we had a good laugh, without ever quite specifically mentioning the particulars of the incident... some things are amusing only in context!

Steve Bates said...

Remind me to tell you someday about the llama at the Houston Zoo who had a habit of coming up behind women at the fence of the pen and snapping their bra through their blouse... we dubbed the critter "the Lecherous Llama"!

ellroon said...

One-handed? That's a real talent! And the lecherous llama was probably taught by a lecherous farmer who thought that was all in good fun. Can't punch out a llama, can you?