Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday wobbles

Paris time capsule.

Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Moyers.

Excellent article on the addiction of money and what it does to our society.

Never forget that George Bush's administration was both dangerous and incompetent.

War over women's rights and the whinyness of those denied.  And many have noticed the similarities between the Taliban and the far right's attitudes about women and life in general.

What caused the 10 year winter back in 536AD?

Talking back to the makers of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Do not touch the Gympie Gympie tree.

We're gonna need Geiger counters to go shopping or to the beach.  And if you want to not eat anything ever again, here's Dr. Helen Caldicott.  At least we have UC scientists watching our kelp.

And with all that... sitting too much is gonna kill you.


Steve Bates said...

OT, ellroon, here's a petition you'll surely want to sign: Congress: keep Chinese chicken out of our schools and supermarkets. It's worse than that, actually: it's US and Canadian chicken, exported to China for processing and then re-imported here for consumption.

Steve Bates said...

Re: the De Florian "time capsule"... The Mouse, he's everywhere! The late Stephen Jay Gould pointed out, in an article on neoteny, that the original Mickey is not drawn childlike at all... more angular features, smaller eyes, more impish expression, etc. And so it is in Ms. De Florian's stuffed toy. Fascinating!

Steve Bates said...

And finally, the dangerous GeeDubya: read one of two books, Jane Mayer's The Dark Side or Jeremy Scahill's Dirty Wars. Both are too long; Scahill's is tedious to boot... but both make you shiver at the thought that that man was ever our president. (I still think he outright stole the 2000 selection.)

ellroon said...

I shiver at the thought of Darth Cheney being near the nuke button. He really really wants/ed to nuke Iraq/n.

Mickey has definitely been cute-ified over the years. I bet that toy is worth a bundle.

And thanks about the chicken petition, will post that next.