Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday flurries

Where we feel our emotions on our bodies.

They will keep your brain dead body alive even if you didn't want to be on life support just because you happen to be pregnant ... but will let you die because you aren't..

Why rejecting basic biology and logic is important to Republicans.

Reducing the thesis to one sentence.

Under-reported 2013 news.

Tumeric may be good for you.  Really really good for you.

Robert Reich CRUSHES Paul Ryan’s Poverty Adviser for Stunning Ignorance on Inequality Issues

The year in archaeology.

This is hypnotically weird.

We waste a lot of water.


Steve Bates said...

So — just how much Indian food do I have to eat to avoid ending up like my poor mother?

ellroon said...

How do I prevent myself turning canary yellow?