Friday, August 09, 2013

Friday frolics... and an elephant.

baby elephant in tub

‘Frack Gag’ Bans Children From Talking About Fracking, Forever
The Hallowich case shows how drilling companies can use victims’ silence to rewrite their story. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that before their settlement, the Hallowichs complained that drilling caused “burning eyes, sore throats, headaches and earaches, and contaminated their water supply.” But after the family was gagged, gas exploration company Range Resources’ spokesman Matt Pitzarella insisted “they never produced evidence of any health impacts,” and that the family wanted to move because “they had an unusual amount of activity around them.” Public records will show, once again, that fracking did not cause health problems.
When fracking and oil production creates a sink hole, who loses?  BP blames oil spill victims.

The NSA comes clean... or something.

Iran's new leader speaks of moderation and respect.

Marine life moving towards the poles.

Privatization has failed in these places.

Farmers suspicious of new Monsanto crops... I wonder why?

Speaking up against racism.

NASA finds the source of the Magellanic Stream

The Conservative March Toward a Society of Sociopaths

Celebrating sexual choice.


Steve Bates said...

(As my mind plays Mancini's Baby Elephant Walk over and over...)

If you're ever in Texas and looking for critters, the best zoo, hands down, is the San Antonio zoo... or at least it was in my younger years. At the time, I'd have compared it favorably to the zoo in Washington, DC. Houston Zoo isn't shabby, but San Antonio Zoo is incomparable.

ellroon said...

The Los Angeles Zoo ain't so bad either, but it's been years since I have been. Might be time to go again... /Baby Elephant Walk....