Friday, August 30, 2013

Bathing Birds, Bugs, and Bees...

How to take a proper bath... if you are a bird.

Do teachers work hard enough?

Paul Krugman discusses the good ol' days.

Those who pay (or don't pay) income tax.

Margaret Atwood interview.

Fantastic views of the lions of the Serengeti.

What is really causing heart disease.  (Hint: our crappy diets and what we're being fed by the food industry.)

Bugs, toilets and mushrooms will save the world!

Musical mobs in subways!!

Bach on a mobius strip.

Studying the bee deaths in detail.

The condition of China's farm land.


Steve Bates said...

What a splendid Atwood interview! It's great to read an author's works, roll one's eyes and say "s/he must be a real nut," then read an interview and know with some confidence that yes, she is a nut, but one you want more of! I've read only Handmaid's Tale, but I have several more on the shelf, in the queue, so to speak...

ellroon said...

I was grateful to catch that interview with Atwood; nice to have some background on the author. I've read two of her books, Handmaid's Tale and one other but I've found several more at garage sales.

Steve Bates said...

Re: heart disease...

I cannot disagree with Dr. Lundell on scientific grounds; we Americans typically create our own heart disease. But his is only a useful conclusion if one holds longevity above all other virtues in evaluating a diet. In response, I once wrote some doggerel with this concluding couplet:

  Be sure that each calorie duly you've reckoned;
  Survive 'til you're 90... AND HATE EVERY SECOND!

ellroon said...


On the other hand, as one European observed, only in America when you die, it's your fault.

Steve Bates said...

Here is a Beethoven flashmob in Italy for your listening pleasure! Good thing the bassist is in from the beginning; it'd be difficult for him to go trotting in as the orchestra assembles.

Steve Bates said...

The funniest flashmob musical ensemble I've seen... can't find it right now... is one in which a cop shows up and stomps over to confront the conductor, as if to arrest him... but the cop suddenly turns around and begins singing one of the solos. Hilarious!

ellroon said...

I love that, the classical music flash mob that gets a delighted audience.