Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday whiffles

Hunting the mysterious hum.

Planting false memories in mice.  Where could this possibly lead?

What teachers make.

Flying Spaghetti Monster statue in front of Tennessee courthouse.

Genetically altering oranges in order to save them.  Not all GMO food is bad.  Chipotle restaurants first ones to try and not serve any GMO food.

Fascism on the rise around the world.

9th Grade Science Project Finds Plants Don’t Grow Near Wi-Fi


Steve Bates said...

I lived for decades near one of the major concentrations of power transmission lines in the city... and never heard such a hum, not even when walking under the towers. (Yes, the city ran a hike-and-bike trail under the towers.)

But occasionally I do hear a mysterious "twitter" (no, not a Twitter, just a twitter) at home... it sounds like my attic is full of birds. Most people (including Stella) do not hear it. No one who goes to the attic hears it; the sound appears (to me) to come from the A/C vents. For now, I just have to live with it. Hmmmm...

Steve Bates said...

BTW... thank you for Taylor Mali.

ellroon said...

Maybe you are just twitterpated? Hope you find the source and can yell, "SEE!?! I could hear tweeting!"...