Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Flowers, Funerals, and Falderal

Ancient grave shows use of flowers to honor the dead.

 Exactly, what he said.  Horsey captures it in one cartoon.

What men can do to stop the harassment of women online.  One man who supports a woman's right to choose.

Sleepy baby turned into art.

Republicans want to control your lady parts... so how about controlling manly bits as well?

No More Mister Nice Blog thinks the Voting Rights Act will not be saved.  I hope he's wrong.

Kitty parade.

Iain Banks' obit and writing pointers.

From someone who has lived in a communist country:
Truth is, American conservatives have remarkably a lot in common with Russian communists: the same obsession with ideological purity, the same irrational intolerance towards loyal dissent, the same prioritizing of ideology over practicality, the same preparedness to sacrifice liberties, human dignity and lives for the sake of ideological totems, the same clash-of-civilizations thinking, the same pretensions at worldwide cultural and political hegemony. And of course, the modern American conservative and the Russian communist of the bygone era share a deep and abiding dislike of people having unauthorized sex in pursuit of “instant gratification”.

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