Wednesday, December 12, 2012

From West Point to Frankenfoods....

West Point cadet left because of religious oppression.

Pesticide Action Network.

Right-wing extremism:  armed and dangerous.

Sunportal makes pipes that bring sunlight inside buildings.  And a nanomesh triples solar cell efficiency.

The drought will be worse than Hurricane Sandy...

A good doggie and his charge:

How to be clear about what the 'Right to Work' means:

Exxon hates your children:

Ed Asner explains our failing economy:

Bill Maher and Frankenfoods:


Steve Bates said...

"Tax the Rich" is superb!

Your blog at the moment creates such a bandwidth drain that I could go for coffee... at a coffee shop... while waiting for anything to happen. This started when you launched the new template a few months ago, and has grown steadily worse. I know I have more limited RAM than anyone else in creation, but when it gets to the point at which merely launching your blog starts the swapping and stops anything productive happening... that does not happen even on massive blogs like Kos or TPM. Think about it.

I need a new box (I have a very high speed connection already), but with the coming med expenses I am reluctant to spend the money. Maybe there is some easy solution to this that you've overlooked... thanks for giving it some thought.

Steve Bates said...

Frankenfoods frighten me more than any other health risk I confront daily... emphasis daily. And the Monsanto "engineers" repeat the same old bullshit in public about "no known risk," and fail to notify anyone when that "fact" turns on its head. I want to have the ability to know EVERYthing in my food, if I'm interested. How can all the secrecy be justified, except in the name of the Almighty God of PROFIT?

In times past, when enough American consumers demanded something, they got it. Now it seems we count for nothing: "You vill eat it und you vill like it!" And Maher is right: Obama has been no help at all.