Friday, April 06, 2012

One man preventing us from spiraling into a second Dark Age

Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Who takes on the dangers of 'intelligent design':


Steve Bates said...

Who takes on the dangers of 'intelligent design':

Well, there's always PZ Myers at Pharyngula... also any book by Richard Dawkins, who is (in)famous for confronting the truly ignorant.

Thanks for the Tyson link. His work is admirable IMHO. I'll watch the video when I have 41 minutes in a row to spare.

OT but not really: I'm reading David Deutsch's first book, The Fabric of Reality (1997), which provides a reader the basis for a general understanding of the multiverse... not to mention some really good material for anyone who has the responsibility of teaching younger folks about the scientific method. His more recent book, The Beginning of Infinity (2010? 2011?), is also very much worth your time.

ellroon said...

Yes, you are right about Myers, Dawkins et al. But for true unalloyed joy at where space travel and knowledge of the universe will take us, Tyson is the one. He is so optimistic about the youth of today and the quest for truth, it is uplifting of one's spirit just to listen to him.