Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Life, wind and fuck ups.

Why it's worth it to live.

A US wind map.

The Koch brothers very bad no good week.

Georgia.  Yet another state I will not visit nor support if I am able.

The Supreme Court fucks up again.

Women need to recognize verbal sabotage and manipulation.

Curveball.  The excuse created by the neocons to attack Iraq.


Steve Bates said...

Speaking of wind, those tornadoes you asked me about were in the Dallas area. Link is to a TPM slideshow.

ellroon said...

It's all Texas... kinda like an earthquake in Northern California gets us anxious phone calls in Southern California. :D

Steve Bates said...

Yeah, I know. Dallas is 250 mi. more or less due north of Houston. Unlike Houston, Dallas has a dry climate... and monolithically conservative politics (not that Houston is all that much better, but I decline to live in Dallas).

I've spent only one day, ever, anywhere close to Southern California. And even that was not true Southern California; it was in San Luis Obispo (which was a delightful place for that one day). All my Cal adventures have been in the Bay Area... SF, Berkeley and even Oakland. And my two remaining F2F friends in CA from the "old days" are in now in Sebastopol, where I've never visited them.

ellroon said...

San Luis Obispo is beautiful, but the water is awful. (It's some place we drive through to go elsewhere...)

Glad to learn about the different ecosystems in Texas, but I'll still think of you first when something blows up or burns down in your state...