Thursday, January 12, 2012

Virginia Foxx... instead of looking for the kill..

Is feeding from the trough.
Unfortunately, there is more bad news. Foxx recently introduced HR2117: "To prohibit the Department of Education from overreaching into academic affairs and program eligibility under title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965." In other words, "no regulations allowed." Dismantling oversight, transparency, disclosure and regulation is a necessary condition for the for-profit colleges to continue their parasitic business plans, and the industry is looking for people just like Foxx to represent them so they can reconfigure government to aid and abet their plunder.

Paid industry go-fers like Foxx are everywhere. The corporate media, such as The Washington Post (owner of Kaplan University) or any of the cable or "corporate news networks" continue to advance the notion of for-profit colleges as "real" colleges and universities, when, in fact, they are nothing more than diploma mills that steal money from Title IV funds and leave students - mostly minority and working-class students - with phony degrees and in debt peonage for life. Add to this the amount of money these schools pay for marketing and advertising, especially in low-income and minority neighborhoods and venues - a whopping 25 percent or more of their costs - and we see that these companies are set for spiraling growth unless the system is changed.
And this is the whole point: by commodifying education and removing public competition through outright ownership of the government, the for-profit neoliberal providers will continue to snake into the public treasury and nefariously destroy education and intellectual life in America and internationally, where they are now busy creating new burgeoning markets while leaving deracinated youth in their wake. These vulture capitalists will stop at nothing in their efforts to reduce education to little more than a commercialized online video game show - a project which, if successful, will have the consequence of destroying both intellectual life and democratic reality. 


Bryan said...

Since Kaplan University is the only entity in the holdings of the corporation that owns both the WaPo and KU making a decent profit, the priorities of Kaplan are the priorities of the WaPo - or else.

The woman should spell her name Foxxx, because most of what she has done in Congress is obscene. She is simply a mean and nasty person who seems to enjoy the pain she causes others.

OT: Expect to spend some time on upgrades as soon as you bring that new box up on the 'Net. This laptop was built a month before I bought it, and my first day was spent watching it re-boot as I protected it from cats.

ellroon said...

She has said some jaw-dropping hateful things in the past, so I'm not surprised at this attempt to sabotage public education. We will need to watch this bill carefully.

I know just enough about computers to be dangerous. I seem to be racking up error messages right and left. I think I may have to admit defeat and call in my tech sons... darn it. I wanted to do it by myself.

Bryan said...

My Mother's attitude is that she had sons so she wouldn't have to program electronic equipment or fix things.

It's all in your interpretation.

In Windows error messages don't necessarily mean you have done anything wrong, or, in fact, anything is wrong. Some of them seem to be randomly generated for no discernible reason.

In a new Windows computer, until you have all of the updates installed you have no idea if you actually have a problem.