Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Monday, so here are some things to make you smile

David Attenborough stands up against creationism in school.

Online gamers crack AIDS enzyme puzzle

Stockbox Grocers to Convert Shipping Containers into Local Grocery Stores in Food Deserts


Steve Bates said...

The video of the little girl brought to mind the late great Marvin Zindler of ABC News Houston, who had many connections and arranged for literally hundreds of such kids to be operated on in Houston at no cost to their families. (He was also one of the central characters represented in the musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, but that's a whole different story.) Wherever Marvin is today, I'm sure he's returning that little girl's smile.

Steve Bates said...

(Dog-damn Blogger anyway... that's about the third time in the past month that it has FORCIBLY LOGGED ME OUT and didn't publish when I clicked "Publish your Comment". Not only that, a few months ago they forced me to change my password... but their @#$% dialog remembers my OLD password wonderfully well.)

ellroon said...

I apologize for the Dog-damned Blogger for grabbing you by your collar and belt and heaving you through the saloon door. But hey.. I'm not complaining, it's free!

And thanks for the Marvin Zindler connection. He sounds like he was a real character!

Steve Bates said...

Marvin also read on the news his Weekly Restaurant Rat and Roach Report, ending with a list of typically three or four, sometimes more, restaurants that had "SLIIIIME in the ICE MACHINE!" Someone even recorded him a jingle with that text. He also handed out annual awards to restaurants that had been inspected by the Health Department and given a clean bill; it was always good to know which ones to trust. Marvin was one of the genuine good guys; Houstonians all miss him.

ellroon said...

Delightful history about Marvin, Steve. Thanks!